Ӣн Anglo-Chinese Education Consultancy


˱Ѽ duck stuffed with the eight treasures 

˱ eight jewelled white gourd

˱ beancurd with eight delicious

˱ steamed glutinous rice with eight treasures; "eight treasures" rice pudding

˱ stuffed chicken

˱ eight treasures with diced chicken; diced chicken with assorted vegetables

˱ eight treasures in hot sauce

˱Ѽ duck stuffed with eight delicacies

˱ steamed eel with eight treasures

ǴѼ stewed duck with chop suey

Ѽ eight-treasures braised ducking

䶬 assorted meat soup with winter melon

䶹 beancurd chop suey soup

װDZ braised abalone in white sauce

װ swallow nest with white gravy

װ shark's fin in white gravy

׷ plain rice

׷ pork lung soup

׿ boiled mutton

ܲ white turnip

м plain chicken

boiled pork slices; sliced boiled pork

ͺ浰 baked/crispy egg in white oil; golden omelet

winter melon surprise

ն chopped cold (boiled) chicken; tender boiled chicken with soy sauce

֭ȫ mandarin fish with white sauce

輲Ϻ shrimps scalded with catchup

ٻ chicken with stuffed shrimps

ٻȵ stuffed shrimps with quail eggs

ҳ˿ shredded pork sliced minced leaf

Ҷ beancurd leaf rolls with minced pork

Ҷ˿ shredded pork sliced beancurd leaf

˿ beancurd noodles celery salad

躣 jellyfish with soy sauce

ƹ fresh cucumber with bean sauce; mixed fresh cucumber

ܲ˿ mixed shredded turnip

˿ mixed shreds (chicken ham; cucumber; meat; etc.)

Ѽ duck webs with soy sauce

躣Ƥ mixed jellyfish salad

bon bon (steamed shredded) chicken

stewed pork vegetable soup

㹽 grey mushroom (abalonelike)

㼦Ƭ sliced chicken abalone soup

« abalone asparagus soup

ţ fried tripes

ȫ fried medley dish

fried three kinds of meat

˫ fried three kinds of meat

Ѽ fried pork stomach chicken gizzard

ݩ Beijing (roast) duck

shrimp-stuffed fairy feet

Ұ stir-fried pork rolls with broccoli

Ϻ azure jade freshwater shrimp

pork joint stewed with rock sugar

֭ white fungus in honey sauce

Ϻ "glassy" shrimp beancurd with spinach


˶ stewed beancurd with spinach

˶ spinach beancurd soup

chopped spinach with ham carrots

spinach soup

ܟhѼ fried duck with pineapple

ѼƬ sliced duck with prineapple

˰ mushrooms with vegetables

˷ vegetable rice

˸嵰 omelet with salted dried radish

˸ dried vegetable

Ƭ minced quail with lettuce

ʨͷ greens Chinese meatballs

˫Ԫ soup of chicken and fish balls with vegetables

mustard green stem with vegetables

޾ fried chicken balls with vegetables

޾ rice with chicken balls vegetable

޾ţ fried beef with vegetables

޾Ƭ sliced pork vegetable soup

޾Ϻ prawn balls with green kale

ݹ straw mushroom

ݹ abalone with button mushrooms

ݹ cabbage heart with mushrooms; straw mushroom with stems of mustard greens

ݹ canned straw mushrooms

barbecued/broiled pork

⼦ barbecued pork with stuffed eggs

Ҷ tea flavoured egg

ٲ longevity greens/mustard green

long-life noodles

ⶹ stir-fried green beans

Ϻ fried prawns

scrambled eggs

fried mushrooms

fried bean sprouts

Ǽ fried pig's tripe tip

fried rice

fried kale

fried minced pigeon

fried fish balls

scrambled egg

stir-fried chicken cubes

ʲ fried chicken giblets

˿ fried/stir-fried chicken shreds

stir-fried smoked pork

ϺƬ fried sliced lobster

fried noodle

ľ stir-fried pork and eggs

ţ˿ fried beef slices; fried shredded beef

ⶡ fried diced meat/pork; fried meat cubes

˿ fried pork shreds

fried liver

˫ fried kidney with pork tripe

˫ fried bamboo shoots with mushrooms

ļ fried chicken liver giblets with fungus bamboo shoots

Ϻ fried shrimp balls

Ϻ fried shrimp pig kidney

fried bell shaped pork

з fried crab meal

з fried crab meal

ѩ fried bamboo shoots

fried lamb tripe

stir-fried kidney with assorted vegetable

Ƭ fried sliced (pork) kidney; fried sliced raw pig's kidney

Ƭ fried fish slices

Ƭ stir-fried bamboo shoot slices

fried pig's livers

fried squid

fried squid rolls

˿ fried shredded squid

fried eel paste

ƤϺ orange flavoured prawns

Ƥ chicken with orange flavor; orange flavoured chicken

Ƥţ beef with orange peel; orange flavoured chicken

ƤӼ chenpi chicken; chicken fried with orange peel

ɶӼ sauteed chicken; stir-fried chicken in Chengtu style

ѼƬ fried sliced duck in chili bean sauce

֭ţ fried beef with soybean sauce

֭Ź spareribs with soybean sauce

֭F fried frog with soybean sauce

fried beancurd of strong odour

fried pungent beancurd

ײ stir-fried cabbage with peppers

Ѽ duck's feet soup

stuffed chicken wing soup

ţ veal brochettes

ȵ pork stomach soup with quail eggs

бţ sliced beef with scallions fried

пŹ spare-ribs with scallion

պ scallion flavoured sea cucumbers

Ѽ onions duck

stewed carp with scallions

braised crisp crucian carp

⳴˫ stir-fried liver with scallions garlic

ͷʼ boiled chicken with onion oil

Ϳ roast fish with scallions

ۼ chicken steamed with scallions

chicken in sour and chilli sauce

ײ cabbage with sweet sour sauce

з fried crabs with sweet sour sauce

yellow fish with honey sauce; sweet sour yellow fish

fish rolls in sour sauce

Ƭ fish slices in vinegar gravy; sweet sour sliced fish

Ƥ˱Ѽ crisp fried stuffed duck

Ƥ crispy-skinned beancurd

Ƥ fried mandarin fish in sour and sweet

Ƥ crispy skinned chicken; chicken barbecued with spices; fried crisp chicken

Ƥȫ barbecued mandarin fish

Ƥ roast spring pigeon

Ƥշʼ crispy-skin chicken

ƤϺ crisp shrimp balls

ƤѼ crispy skinned duck; duck barbecued with spices

Ƥ fried crisp fish

Ƥը deep-fried stuffed beancurd

Ƥ deep fried squids

Ƥ crispy pomfret

س stir-fried minced dove with bream

쳦 bologna sausage

ƹ cucumber

Ϻɳ lobster salad

± boiled noodles with fungus; sliced pork eggs

ƴ assorted cold dish

pork noodles

catfish with garlic

ͷ black salted turnip

բз steamed crab

instant noodles soup base

fried rice with eggs

soup of egg flakes

egg dumplings

Ƥ fried fish roll

chicken wrapped in cellophane/paper

spiced cabbage

Ƕ braised Chinese mushrooms beancurd

ײ winter mushroom and Chinese cabbage

winter mushroom mustard green stem

winter mushroom and winter melon soup

beancurd with winter mushrooms

Ƭ sliced chicken mushroom soup

red-fried vegetarian pork with winter mushroom

winter mushroom duck giblet soup

Ѽ white gourd

white gourd

ϻȼ hamstuffed white gourd in broth

ζ three-flavored white gourd soup

Ѽ duck cutlets with white gourd

Ƭ fried sliced chicken with bamboo shoots

chicken in aspic

cold pork; meat in aspic


mandarin fish in chilli bean sauce

꽴 broad bean paste

carp braised with hot bean paste; crucian carp in chilli bean sauce

ţ beef in chilli bean sauce

Ѽ duck cutlets in chilli sauce

wet skin of beancurd


˿ dry beancurd shreds soup; shredded dried beancurd soup

beancurd kelp soup; beancurd edible seaweed soup

uncongealed beancurd

uncongealed beancurd

dried tofu

Ϻ fried shrimp with pea shoots; fried shrimp with bean-leaves

Ƥ skin of beancurd

stir-fried oysters with black beans

Ϻ fresh shrimp with black beans

carp steamed with fermented black beans

Ź steamed spareribs with fermented black beans

Ѽ stewed duck

stewed pig's feet

squid-shreds in Sichuan style

hair-like seaweed with shark fins


ެѵ tomato egg soup

ެѶ tomato beancurd soup

ެѹ tomato pot-stuck rice

ެţⷹ rice with tomato beef

ެƬ tomato fish slices

ެ tomato corn soup

instant noodles

ţ emerald-jade beef croquettes

emerald-jade caviar

˿ mungbean noodle

steamed chicken with rice flour

steamed pork with rice flour

缦 dry breezed chicken; dry-blown chicken

dz˿ stir-fried eel shreds

β˵ chicken livers with vegetables

θƬ sliced pigeon chicken liver

Ƭ fried whelk slice chicken livers

chicken livers with squid rolls

chicken liver squid rolls

˴ƴ phoenix appetizer plate

βϺ phoenix-tailed prawns

β fried kidney

β long-tailed anchovy

צ mushroom chicken feet soup

צ vegetable chicken feet soup
צ mushroom chicken feet soup

צ turtle chicken feet soup

ܽز˻ cauliflower with egg-white

ܽص fried egg-white

ܽؼƬ chicken slices with egg-white; omelet chicken slices; sliced chicken in egg-white sauce

ܽϺ shrimps with egg-white

ܽз crab meat with egg-white sauce

ܽ Sichuan bamboo shoot and egg-white soup

kale borecole

魲 kale borecole

deep-fried pork strips Korean style

Ϻ prawn balls in Korean style

뵰 pigeon eggs

뵰Ѽ braised duck with pigeon eggs

뵰 quail egg liver soup

뵰˾ toast fried with quail eggs

pigeon soup

clam soup

steamed eggs with clams

ʽ assorted omelets

˾ soup of the day

chicken cubes with peanuts; diced chicken with paprika; diced chicken in chilli sauce; stir-fried chicken with dried red pepper

Ϻ pungent vegetarian shrimps

stir-fried squid rools

chicken cubes with peanuts; diced chicken with paprika; diced chicken in chilli sauce; stir-fried chicken with dried red pepper

stir-fried kidney with chilli and peanuts

sweet sour pork; Cantonese/Guangdong style

fried pork in sweet and sour sauce

sweet sour boneless pork

Ϻ prawn balls with vegetable

ζ spiced chicken with a wonderful taste; chicken with special hot sauce

ζţҶ ox tripe of Sichuan style

ͷţ canned beef

ͷţ canned corned beef

Ѽ braised duck en casserole

mutton en casserole

㶫 Guangdong Cantonese roast pork

㶫ݲ Guangdong Cantonese pickled vegetable

ݳ fried rice in Guangdong style

ݻⷹ steamed rice Guangdong style

stir-fried fish rolls with corn

chicken wings legs braised in brown sauce; chicken wings legs with brown sauce

crispy rice

ͺ sea cucumbers in crisp rice

Ƭ sliced meat with crispy rice; meat pieces with crispy rice

soup of rice crust and three delicacies

Ϻ fried shrimps with crisp rice

Ϻ shrimp with crisp rice

braised mutton

baked beancurd

Ϻ fried fresh prawns on toast

Ѽ fried duck cutlets

ѼƬ pan-baked steamed duck

sea cucumber; [France] beche-de-mer

ι sea cucumber with crispy rice

װײ Chinese cabbage with dried shrimps

װײ cabbage soup with dried shrimps

ðٻ stuffed mushrooms with shrimp paste

Ƥ (salted) jellyfish

˫ crispy jellyfish

sea sturgeon

͟h stewed chicken with oyster sauce

ͰǷ chicken wings with oyster sauce

ͰѼ grilled duck with oyster sauce

Ͳ green cabbage in oyster sauce

Ͳ roast pork with oyster sauce

Ͷ fresh mushrooms with oyster sauce

ͼ chicken balls with oyster sauce

ͼ chicken wings in oyster sauce

ͼ弦 sauteed chicken with oyster sauce

ţ oyster sauce beef; stir-fried beef with oyster sauce; beef in oyster-sauce

ɰ poached eggs

Ҷ׷ pork steamed with rice flour in lotus leaves

Ҷ steamed chicken wrapped in lotus leaves

Ҽ stir-fried chicken with walnuts; diced chicken with walnuts

ϲ˴ñ assorted vegetable covered with egg; fried various vegetable with eggs

braised shark's fin

ܲ carrot

ձ red-cooked abalone

մ shark's lip fin in brown sauce

ն beancurd with brown sauce; red-cooked beancurd pieces

ն stewed pork tripe

նϺ stewed prawns in soya sauce

ոɱ stewed scallops with brown sauce

չ shark's tripe braised in brown sauce

պ sea cucumbers braised in brown sauce; red-cooked sea cucumber

պ braised eel with brown sauce

ջ red-cooked yellow fish

ռ braised chicken

ռ turtle in brown sauce

carp in brown knots

Ϻ fried prawns braised in brown sauce; fried prawns with brown sauce

ţ beef with brown sauce; braised beef

ţӰ braised beef offal

ţ stewed beef tenderloin chunks

Ź spareribs braised in brown sauce; red-cooked spareribs

red-cooked eggplant

ȫѼ braised whole duck in soy sauce

ȫ mandarin fish with brown sauce

braised pork; pork braised in brown sauce; stewed pork with brown sauce; red-cooked pork

ʨͷ pork balls stewed in brown sauce

braised pork tendons

stewed meat balls

Ѽ duck with brown sauce

stewed mutton

fish in brown sauce

braised shark's fins; shark's fin in brown sauce; stewed shark's fin

braised fish maw; fish tripe with brown sauce

ͷ stewed fish head with brown sauce

fish balls with/in brown sauce

Բ fish balls with/in brown sauce

braised congo eel

ͶǶ pork tripe with hot pepper oil

ͼ diced chicken with hot sauce

ͼ cold chicken appetizer with hot sauce

Ѽ duck webs in chilli sauce

fish maw in chilli sauce

ѼƬ duck slices in wine sauce

С dried red dates with vegetable chicken

ţ braised beef

braised bamboo shoots tips

braised pork joint

braised leg of pork

ţ stewed beef

haricot mutton

«˱ gourd-shaped chicken with stuffing

pickled cucumbers

ƴ butterfly appetizer

Ϻ prawns with mushrooms

Ƥȵ wrapped quail eggs

ƴƴ colored lantern appetizer plate

pickled cucumbers

chicken pickled cucumber stew

ţ cayenne beef

peanut butter/paste

steamed pork with peanuts

ţ fried beef with scrambled eggs

ţⷹ rice with sliced beef eggs

Ƭ fried fish pieces with scrambled eggs

Y pork slices with gravy

ţ beef ball soup

Ƭ sliced pork with cream sauce

boiled noodles with pork

Ƭ sliced fish soup

ƶѿ yellow soybean sprout

ƹϻƬ cucumber sliced meat soup

ƾȫѼ braised duck in rice wine

ƾ braised pork chops in rice wine

yellow fish soup

ع double-cooked pork slices; stir-fried boiled pork slices in hot sauce

ع double-cooked shark's fin

콷 red peppers in gravy

⼦˿ chicken shreds with peas

Ѽ˿ duckling shreds mixed vegetable soup

Ѽ braised duck feet/webs

chafing dish

ham (pork); Chinese ham (pork)